Service User Involvement

Bromley & Lewisham Mind provides the chance to everyone using our services (service users) to contribute to their review and development. There is a range of ways for people using the services and their carers to get involved.

1.  Representation on the Board and Committees

There are a minimum of three places on Bromley & Lewisham Mind’s Board of Trustees for people with direct personal experience of mental health problems or as a dementia carer. There are also service user and carer representatives on the Quality and Performance sub-committee. If you are interested in a place on the Board of Trustees or  a Committee, please contact Wendy Stevenson (

2.  Service User and Carer Surveys

All Bromley & Lewisham Mind services seek feedback from people who have used the services. This is done annually and/or at the end of their engagement with the service through surveys. Feedback from these contributes to action plans for the services in the coming year.

3.  Staff Recruitment and Training

All recruitment panels for staff working in our mental health and dementia services will include a service user or carer. They play an equal role on the panel and bring a valuable perspective. Service users and carers are also supported to be involved in the induction and other training for staff and volunteers. If you are interested in being involved in these ways, please contact the relevant Service Manager.

4.  Service Specific Engagement

Bromley Mind Action Group (BMAG)

This group provides a forum where people using the Community Wellbeing Service are able to feedback and contribute to the development of the service. The latest dates and information about BMAG is available in our centres via the BMAG newsletter. You can find the latest meeting dates on the news section of this website under the news tag ‘BMAG’ or under the news category ‘Service User Involvement’.

Bromley Working for Working for Wellbeing Associates Programme

The Associates Programme invites people who have accessed psychological therapies and employment support through Bromley Working for Wellbeing, to voice opinions and give feedback about the service received.

Bromley MindCare Dementia Support

Bromley MindCare runs a stakeholder group (consisting of staff, volunteers, carers, and donors) that inputs into the development of the service, including improving premises and making the best use of donations.

Lewisham MindCare Dementia Support

This service runs an Advocacy Group for people using their service, who have are in the early stages of a dementia. This monthly support group gives users of the service the chance to feedback about Lewisham MindCare Dementia Support and other dementia support services they have used in the borough of Lewisham.

Community Support Service in Lewisham

In 2014, this service will be setting up a focus group for people who have used the service. The focus group will give service users the opportunity to feedback about their experience of Community Support Service in Lewisham to improve the service.

5. Compliments and Complaints

If you would like to make a formal compliment or complaint about Bromley & Lewisham Mind services please download the Compliments and Complaints leaflet. This will give you further guidance as to what to do.