Pregnant Women and New Mums Walk and Talk for Wellbeing

Mindful Mums Walking Group in Crystal Palace Park - October 2017

Bromley Mindful Mums Walking Group in Crystal Palace Park

Following on from Mindful Mums’ successful first year supporting pregnant women and new mums in Bromley, a new Walking Group began in August, to support pregnant women and new mums meet other women, have gentle exercise and share stories and experiences of parenting and look after themselves.

The free Mindful Mums Walking Group has been taking place at Crystal Palace Park (first meeting at Crystal Palace Rail Station), every Tuesday at 10am, with a total of 23 women attending and many of them now regular attendees.

The Walking Group is for women who attended the Bromley Mindful Mums five week Wellbeing Groups and for pregnant women and new mums who are considering joining and want to find out more about Mindful Mums.

The Walking Group is led by local Mindful Mum volunteer, Erica, with assistance from volunteers, Jane and Fuchsia, all of whom have led or attended the Mindful Mums Wellbeing Groups.

The Mindful Mums Walking Group builds upon topics discussed in Wellbeing Groups and the relationships built between women, who want to stay in touch and continue to share, learn and support each other.

Bromley Mindful Mums having drinks at local cafe after Crystal Palace Park walk

Mindful Mums having drinks at a local cafe after Crystal Palace Park walking group

There are often many unrealistic messages in society about pregnancy and childbirth, with both frequently romanticised and shown as being a magical time, whilst glossing over the massive changes in sleep, relationships, health and body of the mother. As well as providing some gentle, outdoor exercise for mothers and connection with other mums, the Walking Group is a chance for some open and real talk about the highs and lows being a mum. There are lots of tips, techniques and experiences shared during the walks, providing reassurance to all mums involved.

Nuge, who regularly attends the Bromley Mindful Mums Walking Group, said,

All mums (mumsy and unmumsy, organic and non-organic) are always welcomed here and that’s why I love it. Walking and talking with no judgements. Good for physical and mental health. Thanks to everyone who helps run it.

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